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Mechanical Power Engineering

Curriculum for Mechanical Power Engineering

The main purpose of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to specialize in the design of machine components using automatic lathe machine (CNC) machines to design parts using manual lathe machine (CNC machines) to assemble engines, to assemble air conditioners to assemble machines using Ac welding machines. A.G.T.I Mechanical Diploma requires three years of study and two exams per academic year. The teaching and Learning system of the science and technology course is 60% practical and 40% theoretical.
(3) Years
A.G.T.I Diploma (M.P)

1MyanmarM-11011, 12011
2EnglishE-11011, 12011
3Engineering MathematicsEM-11011, 12011
4Engineering SciencesES-11011, 12011
5Engineering MechanicsME-11015, 12015
6Basic Technical DrawingME-11011, 12011
7Workshop TechnologyME-11012, 12012
8Principles of Electrical TechnologyEP-11013, 12013

1English E-21011, 22011
2Engineering Mathematics EM-21012, 22012
3Engineering DrawingME-21021, 22021
4Strength of MaterialsME-21014, 22014
5ThermodynamicsME-21013, 22013
6Internal Combustion EnginesME-21023, 22023
7Theory of MachinesME-21015, 22015
8Production TechnologyME-21022, 22022

1EnglishE-31011, 32011
2Refrigeration & Air-conditioningME-31017, 32017
3Automotive TechnologyME-31035, 32035
4Internal Combustion EngineME-31033, 32033
5Fluid MechanicsME-31016, 32016
6Control TechnologyME-31026, 32026
7Design of Machine ElementsME-31031, 32031
8Estimating & Short ManagementME-31018, 32018