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Electronics Engineering Course

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Curriculum for Electronic Engineering

Electronics engineering studies the design of applied electronic devices, broadcasting and communication systems: Computer Programming Language, Development and production of electronic devices, designing applied Microcontroller Projects. In additions to programming logic control (PLC)- based equipment control and driving, you will learn about subjects related to the use and maintenance of wireless network connections.
(3) Years
A.G.T.I Diploma (E.C)
After completing the AGTI course, Wireless network connection activities (Data Communication and Networking); Fields of practical work involving electronic communication technology. Modern equipment controls in Factories (Industrial Control with PLC); and Microcontroller Board (PIC). Designing and Developing electronics products (Electronic Circuit Design); It is closely related to computer software.

Curriculum for Electronic Engineering

No.SubjectSubject Code
MyanmarM-11011, 12011
2EnglishE-11011, 12011
3Engineering MathematicsEM-11011, 12011
4Engineering SciencesES-11011, 12011
5Engineering MechanicsME-11015, 12015
6Basic Technical DrawingME-11011, 12011
7Circuit AnalysisEcE-11011, 12011
8Digital ElectronicsEcE-11022, 12022
9Electronic LaboratoryEcE-11016, 12016
10Electrical LaboratoryEcE-11026, 12026
Curriculum for Electronic Engineering  
1EnglishE-21011, 22011
2Engineering MathematicsEM-21012, 22012
3Analog ElectronicsEcE-21021, 22021
4Electronic Communication SystemsEcE-21012, 22012
5Computer & ProgrammingEcE-21014, 22014
6Electrical MachinesEP-21043, 22043
7Electronic LaboratoryEcE-21016, 22016
8Electrical LaboratoryEcE-21026, 22026
EnglishE-31011, 32011
Applied ElectronicsEcE-31031, 32031
Electronic Communication SystemsEcE-31012, 32012
Industrial Electronics & ControlEcE-31051, 32051
Data Communication & NetworkingEcE-31022, 32022
MicrocontrollerEcE-31013, 32013
Electronic LaboratoryEcE-31016, 32016
Communication LaboratoryEcE-31036, 32036
Control LaboratoryEcE-31046, 32046