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Chemistry Department

Chemical Engineering is taught only in the first year of AGTI. In Chemical Engineering, there are AGTI First Year Semester (Esc-11011)and Second Semester(Esc-12011).

We offer systematic lesson plans and hands-on lessons that will be effective in the process of teaching chemical engineering.

Students are asked to work in groups to make sure that the lessons are clear and practical so that they can truly excel in engineering and chemistry.

Chemistry Department Teacher's List

NoNameRankBachelor's DegreeRemark
1Daw Aye Thidar TunAssociate ProfessorM.Sc(Chem)Attach
G.T.H.S (Hinthata)
2Daw Nu Nu YinLecturerB.Sc(Chem)

Chemistry Department Staff's Photo

Chemistry Department
Daw Nu Nu Yin

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