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Mathematics Department

Mathematics is taught only in the first year of AGTI and second years of AGTI. The first year of AGTI is divided into First Semester(Ma-11011) and Second Semester (Ma-12011).

Teacher develop adequate lesson plans to gain the skills needed to make the engineering learning process more effective.

In the school and in the real life situations, they use mathematics to analyze and solve problems and teach them to understand and use mathematical languages and symbols.

To improve student of engineering math skills the students take monthly exams and then re-explain the most common misconceptions.

Teachers also share general knowledge with students about the importance of Engineering Maths and how it can be used to support Engineering maths.

A math skills competition was also held to test student of proficiency in engineering and math.

Mathematics Department Teacher's List

NoNameRankBachelor's Degree
1Daw Thazin NweTutorM.Sc(Math)
2U Myat Shin ThantTutorM.Sc(Math)

Photos of Teachers Mathematics Department

Mathematics Department
Daw Thazin Nwe


Teachers sharing in the literature department