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English Department

English is taught from the first year of AGTI to the third year of AGTI. In order to be effective in teaching, teachers draw systematic lesson plans.

Teachers train students to develop Four Skills.

We want to improve not only the quality of the students but also the quailty of the teachers.

In order to improve the performance of the students, the students are given monthly examinations and then explained the common misconceptions of the students.

English Teacher's List

NoNameRankBachelor's DegreeRemark
1‌Daw Moe Pa Pa KhingAssociate ProfessorM.ES.P
2Daw San Yin WinAssociate ProfessorM.ES.P
3Daw Zar Chi WinAssociate ProfessorM.A(Eng)Attach
G.T.H.S (Kaw Thaung)

Photos of English Department Teacher

Daw Moe Pa Pa Khing
(Head of Dept)
Associate professor
Daw San Yin Win

Teachers sharing from the department