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Civil Engineering Department

Civil Engineering Department

Civil engineer means road engineer, Bridges, Airport buildings Tunnels, Design of construction projection and systems in public and private sectors, such as canals or dams, Construction, supervision and maintenance. BMC is one of the civil engineering disciplines, which covers the stages of building materials and building materials.

In surveying subjects, students use measuring instruments to measure terrain at low/high altitudes. Horizontal and vertical angles can also be measured.

Civil Engineering Workshop subject is Civil Engineering students. Students will be taught carpentry skills, Familiarize yourself with the materials used in masonry and carpentry. Includes training in masonry skills in the workplace.

Design and Supervision, it aims to produce well-versed civil engineer with internationally recognized regional benefits.

It aims to continously produce quality and capable civil engineers and create job opportunities for graduate civil engineers.

Civil Engineering Department Teacher's List

NoNameRankBachelor's DegreeRemark
1Daw May Oo HtunAssociate ProfessorB.E(Civil)
2U Htut Ko KoLecturerB.E(Civil)
3Daw Ei Ei KhingLecturerB.E(Civil)
4Daw Hnin Thazin AungAssistant LectureB.E (Civil)
5Daw Hnin Hnin HtweTutorB.E (Civil)
6Daw Hnin Hnin WaiTutorB.E(Civil)
7Daw Aye Aye YeeTutorB.E(Civil)
8Daw Khine Swe MonTutorB.E (Civil)
9U Tun Lin AungDemonstrator (4)A.G.T.I(Civil)
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Civil Department Staff's Photo

Daw May Oo Htun
Associate Professor
(Head of Dept)
U Htut Ko Ko
Daw Ei Ei Khing
Daw Hnin Hnin Wai
Daw Aye Aye Yee

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